Artist in Residence Bios

Mr. Patrick O’Bannon

Sunshine Arts instructor and resident

patrick-200“41 Sunshine Road, Upper Darby would be just another row house address, sandwiched in with all the others in the Greater Philadelphia area, were it not for its current artist-advocate/owner Ms. Sheila [Modglin] and the family, friends and visiting artist who are involved in the on-going transformation of Sunshine Arts.

“What is Sunshine Arts? To me it is Tymara, Shaquill, Joshua, Jamal, Veronica, Sammy, Corbin, Ashlinn, Justin and Jordan, Jahill, Zachery, Torin, Jessica (you get the idea) coming over to 41 Sunshine Rd. on a rainy afternoon to learn that mixing yellow and blue makes green or hearing all the children sing Happy Birthday, complete with Cha, Cha, Cha, refrain. An over-simplification perhaps, but priceless enough.

“Our time together is extremely valuable for both instructor and student in building a sense of community through an enrichment program of the arts. Right here, right now; people used to call it getting to know your neighbors or taking pride in your neighborhood. The program at Sunshine Arts is more than that. While growing up my mother used to bake a pie anytime someone new moved into the neighborhood and take it over. Well today we have people like Stephanie, Penina, Sheila and others serving up laughter, hope, tempura paint, music, patience, kindness, respect, along with construction paper in a creative, interactive environment and like all the best things in life, (i.e ., mom’s pie) it’s FREE.

“It is my great pleasure, as a[n]… artist-in-residence volunteer to watch these enthusiastic, talented young ones develop and grow. Because as everyone knows all children are precious; also it is my deepest heart-felt wish that the organization of Sunshine Arts continues to grow along-side them.”

Ms. Kat Lehmer

Sunshine Arts instructor and resident

kat-200 Ms. Kat studied painting, drawing, and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  Subsequently, she decided to pursue film making.  The decision led to her exploration of other artistic disciplines, including costuming, fashion design, photography, and acting.  Her artistic endeavors have ranged from working as a display artist for FAO Schwarz and Bergdorf Goodman to a starring role in her own feature-length film.

Ms. Kat brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to Sunshine Arts.  She offers technical expertise while fostering a sense of individual artistry in each Sunshine Arts visitor.

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Ivan Dellinger

Artist in residence and events photographer

Lioness Kamara

Assistant to the artists in residence

41 Sunshine Road, Upper Darby PA, 19082 | 610.352.7968 | Directions

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