Community Garden

A Green Space for Our Community

Sunshine Arts has proposed the creation of a community garden at the end of Sunshine Road. There is an incredible shortage of green space in the Upper Darby community, and the Sunshine Road Community Garden would help cure that problem. This community green space would provide a calming sanctuary for the neighborhood surrounding Sunshine Road.

Get Involved!

If you believe the Community Garden would benefit our neighborhood and/or you would like to participate in cultivating a Community Garden, we need your support.

Contact Us to sign our petition or learn about volunteering.

Benefits of the Proposed Sunshine Road Community Garden

  • The Garden would be located in the currently unused space at the end of Sunshine Road extending to State Road.  Because this space is unused, it has become a place where people dump trash and debris. Our goal is to transform this space into an asset to our community.
  • The Garden would incorporate plants, vegetables and herbs that would reflect the incredible ethnic and culinary diversity of our neighborhood.
  • As a part of the horticultural program at Sunshine Arts, a gardener would plant and seasonally rotate the flowers and vegetables as well as oversee the health of the garden.
  • Neighbors would be encouraged to participate in cultivating the garden as well as enjoying its beauty and tasting its produce.
  • In addition to beautifying our neighborhood, the horticultural program will provide instruction to the neighborhood children and their families on healthy cooking and eating as well as earth friendly gardening practices.
  • We know that living near open and green spaces not only increases property values, but also directly links to increased feelings of happiness and well-being for residents.

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