Weekly Class Schedule

Classes are for students aged 6-17. Students younger than 6 must be accompanied by a responsible older sibling or adult.

All classes are currently taught by Mr. Patrick O'Banion, Mr. Fen Jeeters, and Ms. Kat Lehmer. Our instructors studied art and are working artists. We also have guest instructors, performers, and helpers. We provide the materials, space, and experience for children to gain exposure to the arts.  We let the kids indicate their interests and we accommodate them. Inspiration is everywhere at Sunshine Arts.

 Art: Mondays & Tuesdays 4-6 p.m.

best jerome

Instruction in drawing, painting, still life, portraiture,  help with school projects, college portfolio preparation, iPad apps for drawing/painting. We teach a bit of art history. We occasionally have well-known guest artists such as Robert Bohné. The building that houses Sunshine Arts is an art project in itself. It must be seen to be fully appreciated!

Music: Wednesdays 4-6 p.m. - private lessons by appointment

saad on guitar 2

Private guitar lessons by Mr. Patrick during and outside class hours. Individual basic piano by Mr. Pat and Ms. Kat. Many instruments are available to play and become familiar with; xylophone, drums, keyboards, drum machine, accordion, etc. We also have a karaoke machine. Trivia: Mr. Patrick was once in a punk rock band which toured Europe and the U.S!

Movie Time: Thursdays 4-6 P.M.


A wide variety of movies are shown on Thursdays on our big screen. Some are from other countries, some are from right in our own back yard. We take care to choose movies that are entertaining and educational. We also take requests! Popcorn is always served from our movie theater popcorn machine!

 Film Class: Thursdays 4-6 p.m. (when in session)

film class

Our filmmaker in residence, Ms. Kat, teaches students about story structure, how to operate a camera, framing, directing, acting, green screen, and lighting. We have produced many short films over the last seven years, all of which can be seen on our YouTube channel or facebook page. Some of our students have acted in Ms. Kat's recent professional production, Mortal, a vampire movie.  Mortal also features Ms. Sheila, our executive director, in a major role!

  Game Day: Saturdays 1-3 p.m.


Every Saturday is devoted to games. Currently our games of choice are ping pong, Uno, chess, and Scrabble. Our  games are rather competitive, but not without a sense of humor, some bending of the rules, and some help to newcomers.

 English as a Second Language: by appointment (when in session)

kat at event

This class began when one of our students asked Ms. Kat if she could teach English to his sister-in-law so she could pass her U.S. citizenship test. Our students are young women who are recent immigrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan. All of our ESL students have gained some proficiency in English. Several have gained U.S. citizenship. Ms. Kat recently attended a luncheon for Delaware, Lahore, Delhi Partnership for Peace where the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan was a guest speaker.


Community Garden

A Green Space for Our Community

Sunshine Arts has proposed the creation of a community garden at the end of Sunshine Road. There is an incredible shortage of green space in the Upper Darby community, and the Sunshine Road Community Garden would help cure that problem. This community green space would provide a calming sanctuary for the neighborhood surrounding Sunshine Road.

Get Involved!

If you believe the Community Garden would benefit our neighborhood and/or you would like to participate in cultivating a Community Garden, we need your support.

Contact Us to sign our petition or learn about volunteering.

Benefits of the Proposed Sunshine Road Community Garden

  • The Garden would be located in the currently unused space at the end of Sunshine Road extending to State Road.  Because this space is unused, it has become a place where people dump trash and debris. Our goal is to transform this space into an asset to our community.
  • The Garden would incorporate plants, vegetables and herbs that would reflect the incredible ethnic and culinary diversity of our neighborhood.
  • As a part of the horticultural program at Sunshine Arts, a gardener would plant and seasonally rotate the flowers and vegetables as well as oversee the health of the garden.
  • Neighbors would be encouraged to participate in cultivating the garden as well as enjoying its beauty and tasting its produce.
  • In addition to beautifying our neighborhood, the horticultural program will provide instruction to the neighborhood children and their families on healthy cooking and eating as well as earth friendly gardening practices.
  • We know that living near open and green spaces not only increases property values, but also directly links to increased feelings of happiness and well-being for residents.

Open Studio

All ages are welcome

Open Studio time is available by appointment.
Call us to reserve your time: 610.352.7968

Film Class with Ms. Kat

Not in session

Here are some of the videos the kids have made in Ms. Kat's popular film class.

You can also check out the Sunshine41 Youtube Channel.


Dress Up Day

Got to Rock

Traffic Violation


Experiments in live action stop motion

The Sunshine Arts Players are at it again!

Art with Mr. Patrick and Ms. Kat

Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Ages: 7-12 years old

Classes with Mr. Patrick and Ms. Kat frequently provide a project for kids, however children are free to experiment with a project of their own choosing or one related to a school assignment. Projects vary and all supplies are provided.

Music with Mr. Patrick

4:00 - 6:00 pm
All ages welcome

Mr. Patrick shares his knowledge and experience as a musician and inspires students to find their own musical style.

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