Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt & Pub Crawl

Date/Time: Saturday, January 30, 2016 5:30 pm
Cost: $25 ($26.87 with service fee)


Join us for the annual Groundhog Day Night Fundraising Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl. The object is simple: figure out where Punxsutawney Phil is hiding!  The first team to figure out where Phil (a 12" stuffed groundhog doll) is hiding, wins and gets to keep him forever!

Teams (of any size) should arrive before 5:30pm (you can start later, but let please let the event organizer know: At 5:30, you will receive instructions and details. Teams travel short distances on foot and visit different establishments to find clues, pick up information, and hang out.

As teams gather information, they begin to piece together the location of Phil. The event is designed to last 3-4 hours. By around 9:30pm (but not before) there will be enough information to ferret out Phil, but it generally takes a bit longer. The hunt is officially over when one team correctly identifies where Phil is hiding.

This year's event will again benefit Sunshine Arts. Thank you to Club Edventures, the official organizer of the annual Groundhog Day Night Hunt event!

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