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Ms. Kat has taught several of our young immigrant women how to drive. This has been an important part of building community with our neighbors.

Driving instruction is offered by appointment.

cookie dough 
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Cooking and eating are two very important aspects of what we offer to our students. A well-fed child is an alert and happy child.

Giving our kids information about nutrition and providing snacks is an ongoing informal program. Mr. Pat often shows the kids how to make homemade noodles, soup, pizza, cookies, and other delights.

Mr. Pat’s chocolate chip cookies are legendary.



Among the many things we have taught is sewing. Several older boys asked about it, so Ms. Kat showed them how to patch and sew holes in their clothes and make shorts out of pants.

Voila! A way to extend the life of one’s wardrobe.


bike repair


Mr. Patrick is proficient at bike repair and has passed on his knowledge, as well as refashioned bikes from many that were thrown in the trash.

He has shown kids how to change an inner tube, pump up a tire, replace a chain, tighten a seat or handlebars.

The prevailing attitude has gone from, “If it’s broken throw it out,” to “If it’s broken, we can fix it!” Many of the neighborhood kids, both boys and girls, now fix their own bikes. Older brothers and sisters have passed on their knowledge to their younger siblings.

We always have a bike pump and a tire-fixing kit on hand.



Kids often do their homework at Sunshine Arts during class hours and often we give them help. Over the years we have benefited from a few volunteers who have come expressly to help the kids with homework.

We have also, many times, helped kids with research on our computers and printed materials for specific school projects. This has been done both during and outside of regular class hours. We have also written letters of recommendation for jobs or college, and helped kids with college portfolios.

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