Community Events


Every child who comes to Sunshine Arts gets a birthday party.

We make a cake, sing happy birthday, take pictures and give each birthday kid a gift.



Halloween is a major event here. We lend costumes from our film class wardrobe, help with makeup, and, of course, give out candy!



For the past four years we have attended this event at their request.

We take 15-20 kids along. We have soup, enjoy the art and music and then help clean up.

In return, each student gets to keep a beautiful hand-crafted bowl made by one of the potters from the center.

Sunshine Arts receives a generous donation from the center for our participation.



Our founder director and several local artists have done face-painting at this event for many years.

Some of our students have performed dance at past Community Days.

Our filmmaker in residence records each event and passes it along to the coordinator of this event.

This alliance has led to us participating and receiving a grant for the city’s child safety program, Weed and Seed.



An annual event organized by our state representative, Margo Davidson.

Sunshine Arts does face painting at this event.

We have developed an important alliance with Ms. Davidson, who is a strong supporter of community in our city.

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